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Take upon a new Mitzvah as your New Year's Resolution!  Below is the a selection of mitzvot to choose from. Upon hitting submit, Rabbi Green will receive a notification with your selections. 

Questions about the mitzvah you're viewing?  Hit the helpful info icon  for further information and insight on each particular mitzvah. Note: an additional window will open so that this page remains on your screen. 

In honor of the New Year, I take upon myself to:


Recite the 6 words of the Shma each morning and night
SHMA YISROEL ADONOI ELOHEINU ADONOI ECHAD - I will cover my eyes wtih my right hand, forget all my other worries and concerns, and connect to Hashem with these six words, the essence of Jewish faith.

Will attend shul at least once a month  

Help me purchase new tefilin for $230 (men)  

I would like to begin studying more Torah. Please contact me about upcoming classes at Chabad of Westboro.  

Will study Torah via books or internet  



Check my mezuzos - please contact me to arrange for a Rabbi to visit my home  

Need mezuzos affixed in my home - please contact me to arrange for a Rabbi to visit my home and affix them.  

I will become Kosher observant at home (please contact me regarding Koshering my kitchen)  

I will become Kosher at home and outside  

I am not ready to become Kosher. However, I will cut out pork, shrimp and lobster from my diet.  

I would like to begin using the mikvah. Please have someone contact me to set up an appointment.  

Please send me a charity box for my home - I will try to put in a few coins every weekday.  

I would like to make an online donation to Chabad by clicking here now.  

Will begin making a family Friday Night Shabbat meal complete with candles, Kiddush wine and challah bread - and perhaps a guest or two  

Will begin lighting Shabbat candles (women)  

I'd like to select a different mitzvah:   

Thank You!  Upon hitting submit, Rabbi Green will receive a notification detailing the Mitzvah Resolution you selected.  Please provide your information.  Also, please take a moment to share your thoughts with us regarding our High Holiday services.

Full Name                      First                               Last  


 Yes!  I would like Rabbi Green to take my name to the gravesite of the Lubavitcher Rebbe , notifying of my mitzvah and requesting a blessing for health, happiness, prosperity, and nachas. 
My Hebrew name is:
My Mother's Hebrew name: 

City/State/ Zip     
         City              State              Zip

If you'd like to add a custom message to the 
notification, please enter it here: 



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Chabad Hebrew School meets every Sunday between Sept. 22th, 2014, and June 7th, 2015, unless otherwise indicated, at 276 Turnpike Rd, Westboro, Route 9 Eastbound (upstairs from the Whiz Store and Landry's Bicycles)


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